1 Suicide Prevention Tricks: Are you ready for the end of the road? This is the finest way and even painless one that I would like to recommend you. Please read this article until the end then we will decide together, I am one hundred percent sure that you will reach your aim easily. (Psychology Trick)

I am aware that when you search the key word of Suicide, the Google suggests you some messages from private or state companies that are responsible to reduce the rates of suicide attempts and suicide mortality within the general population. (Psychology Trick)

These tools are designed to reach people in their most vulnerable moments, however, they are aware that when someone decides to search about his/her intention, it means that they are still ready to change their minds! (Psychology Trick)

However, I am not going to find the word or example to encourage you to think about loving the world again! since, I also believe that our life has not been beautiful as it has been expected! (Psychology Trick)

However, I intend to light the other side of your decision, when you complete suicide, in response to the question of how you died, the common answer would be “he committed suicide.” people utilize the same term to describe crime “he committed a felony” or other negative acts, however, when someone dies by cancer or a car accident, we say they died of cancer or by accident. (Psychology Trick)

1 Suicide Prevention Tricks

In addition, the most important part of committing suicide: Is there any way to return to the world? Is there someone to helps us? the answer is no, thus if I were you I would go to the travel and after that I would do it ! If you still not agree, let me to show you the best method to commit suicide. (Psychology Trick)

The point is, we can follow some features of someone who passed away instead of ending our life, dead can not speak, can not walk, can not eat, can not travel, can not kiss and also can not to be loved again. (Psychology Trick)

You may think he does not need to them !!! no buddy, he needs but there has not been any chance to achieve them. (Psychology Trick)

Thus, are you ready? From now, just follow this way … for one day, be a dead ! and tomorrow, look at the window, look at the sun and drink tea. (Psychology Trick)

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Hamid Tabaei